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How to navigate the library

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As exam and deadline season comes around, all students of the university begin to migrate to the work mecca of the Robinson Library. If you’re looking to join the hoards of students that will be migrating to the library for January, here are some things you ought to know.

Get there early.

The closer we get to exam time the more packed it will be to the point that if you’re not in a seat by 8am you will struggle to find one. The poor souls that miss this deadline will be doomed to a fate of musical chairs spread across four floors.

Make note of where you sit.

If you’re in a silent zone then don’t talk to your friends and don’t choose loud snacks to munch on (who would eat Macoy’s crisps in the silent section? Well I’ve seen it happen). If you are the kind of social renegade to ignore these rules, prepare for mass passive aggressive tutting and death stares. Similarly if you’re in the group study section you lose the right to moan about the people chatting next to you.

Don’t be selfish.

If you’re the type of person that claims a space with a coat or bag or locks a computer before disappearing off for two hours, then you’re in big trouble with the rest of us. Similarly if you take up a precious space in the library only to watch BBC iplayer on a library computer, (I promise I have seen this happen). Be kind to your fellow students, if you’re not using your space don’t hog it, let the poor tortured soul with an exam at 9am tomorrow have your seat, that is good karma.

Don’t talk to people too much.

Have a break, chat with your friends, grab a cup of tea, but for goodness sake don’t get sucked into the vortex of mass hysteria that will have descended amongst your course friends. Do not ask or tell your friends how much revision they have you done, or how you’ve chosen to structure your essay. Comparing yourself to your friends is the best way to panic you and stop you from being productive.


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