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My Final Year Bucket List

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I am going to be on my year abroad next year, so my return will mean that my final year will have begun! It’s scary thought (which I try not to contemplate too often) but consequently I have unfortunately realised my time in Newcastle is running out. I will only have a year left to go to all the restaurants, all the cafes and all the venues that this city has to offer, so while the city is fresh  in my memory I have decided to start my bucket list. *I will warn you, I am a bit of a foodie so restaurants and food related activities will be a recurring theme on this list.*

1. Laing Art Gallery

I have never attended this museum, despite its proximity to the University and I feel like while I am here I should attempt to experience more of the cultural aspects of Newcastle, which I have definitely failed to do so far!


2. Longhorns

This restaurant in Newcastle City centre is supposedly meat galore and perfect if you want to go with a couple of people and share. Probably not an ideal choice for the vegetarians and vegans out there, but this one is definitely on my list.


3. A play at the Theatre Royale

This bucket list item is probably the priciest on my list, but I really enjoy going to see productions live and I’ve heard the theatre has a beautiful interior. I think it would be lovely to see it before I leave the city.


4. The Great British CupCakery

I have wanted to go here for so long and I’ve never really had the chance! I’ve been told by my friends it’s the place to be for milkshakes and cakes, but that it can get really busy and you can’t book. So you have to be there early in order to ensure that you taste its delights. The earliness is probably the reason I’ve never been to this café before, but hopefully final year will mean I am one step closer to adulthood and more able to face the mornings for a milkshake.


5. Explore the North East more

Since I moved to Newcastle two years ago for my studies, I have spent the majority of my time getting to know the city better, but as final year approaches I realise it is likely I may move back south after my University experience is complete and I will be miles away from the north. In final year, I hope to make time to see as much as I can before my student days are over.angel



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