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Why Newcastle is the university for you

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You are in the process of applying to university and, like the X Factor judges, need to reduce your choices to the top 5. Here are my reasons as to why Newcastle University should make the cut.

The Beautiful Campus

The university is beautiful. I know you don’t go to university for the views but going in in the morning to an area where you are surrounded by gorgeous buildings is far more satisfying than going into a concrete block from your worst nightmares. Also, red brick universities are the Buckingham Palaces of the universities. Trust me, once you get to university everyone you know gets weirdly competitive about what colour the bricks are, you make sure you win with this gorgeous university.


The Russell group universities are the top 24 universities of the country dedicated to the highest levels of academic excellence in teaching and research. Russell group unis are the elite, tip top, cream of the crop, best universities in the country, make sure you are a part of it! #StayRussell

Newcastle city life

There is very little need to say more. Any city is great to live in, coming from just outside Manchester myself, I thought nothing could compare. How wrong could I be?! Newcastle has all of the key aspects you could wish for in city life but on a smaller, more compact scale. Everything is within walking distance, with the increased benefit of the excellent public transport services.

The nightlife

Last but not least, the infamous Newcastle city nightlife. It may have a reputation, and not always for the right reasons, but nevertheless if you are looking for a university with a good night out, at a reasonable price, Newcastle is a very good contender.

Everything else

There are the other less important things such as the great job prospects which come with getting a degree from a top university like Newcastle. In the What Uni? Student Choice awards 2014, Newcastle University won best accommodation, came third in the country for city life satisfaction and was nominated for job prospects. Additionally Newcastle is in the top 20 universities to be targeted by graduate employers.

Surely above there are enough reasons to choose Newcastle as your first choice but one piece of advice I can’t recommend enough is do your research, try before you buy!

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