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Newcastle’s Top Winter Spots

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Summer in Newcastle is long gone, which unfortunately means that an afternoon spent in a beer garden by the Quayside is no longer a lovely way to pass the time, rather, a fail safe way of contracting hypothermia. Here are my favourite places to spend your weekends in Newcastle during the Autumn/Winter season:

Red House

If you like pie, mash and good old fashioned British pubs- you’ll love Red House. In a great location along the Quayside, Red House is the perfect place for a cosy night drinking pints and eating pie. It’s reasonably priced and surrounded with plenty of bars and pubs to keep you going for the whole night.


The pie is the limit







Tyneside Cinema

While going to the cinema when the weather is bad may not be a groundbreaking piece of advice, Tyneside Cinema is something a little different and therefore justified in its position on this list. A small independent cinema tucked into a side street in the middle of Newcastle city centre, Tyneside is not a place to be missed. Featuring a range of films from modern releases to cult classics, as well as a really nice bar and cafe, Tyneside Cinema makes for a great night out.


You’re in the North. It’s cold. It’s probably raining. What better way to warm up than with food so spicy you worry you’ll never feel coldness again?! Dabbawal is an amazing Indian restaurant – with restaurants in both the city centre and Jemond. Great food, great staff, great atmosphere – what more could you want?


Food to warm even the coldest of hearts…








Wylam Brewery

..Or as you might know it ‘that really nice building just randomly in the middle of Exhibition Park’. The home to a wide selection of beers, the host of many a pop up food festival and also a popular music venue, Wylam Brewery has a following of craft beer lovers, gig-goers and full frontal foodies. While it’s not exactly surrounded by pubs and clubs, it’s a great place to take a seat for the night and just enjoy the atmosphere, all the while supporting a great independent venue in Newcastle.

Hope these suggestions help you embrace the winter here in Newcastle!

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