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A Northern Irelander’s Guide To Newcastle

Thinking of joining us from Northern Ireland? We asked Psychology student Maria for her take on what it’s like heading from Northern Ireland to ‘the Toon’. 

As a girl from ‘Norn Iron’ who spent 18 years living in a house surrounded by fields, coming to live in a city was a shock to the system.

If, like me, you want to experience somewhere new without moving too far away from our lovely little country- Newcastle’s your man. Here are some things I’ve learnt throughout my three years in the Toon:


Everywhere you look. With 29 of them across the city, Newcastle is the ‘Greggs capital of Britain’. It’s understandable really…you can’t beat a sausage roll.


No-one will understand your accent (but everyone will love it). Throughout the entirety of my first year in halls, my flatmates struggled to understand a word I was saying. Particularly difficult words included ‘shower’, ‘power’ and ‘moor’…basically any word with ‘O’ in it. Regardless of this, people were always telling me how much they loved my accent!

The weather

Ireland=rain, Newcastle=wind. Us Irish are used to some less than pleasant weather…but nothing quite prepares you for the wind-tunnel that is Leaze’s field on a windy day in Newcastle.

No escaping home

You will meet lots of people from NI. During the whole of Fresher’s week I was bombarded with sounds of that old familiar twang. It’s always nice to know you aren’t the only one from across the sea!


When you’re talking about the best, cheapest shop known to man, most English people you meet will say ‘Pry-mark’. This will never stop sounding weird, nor should you ever stop saying ‘pree-mark’…no matter how much friends should tease you.

So that’s Newcastle in a Northern-Irish nutshell. It really has everything a great city should have…and it’s now become the place I call home.

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