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How Not to Revise During your Christmas Break

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It’s my fourth year at University and, believe me, I know how to procrastinate and bring a whirlwind of stress and panic down upon myself when it comes to the deadlines. But you don’t need to know that – you can learn from my mistakes!

You have to understand that at University, the Christmas break is not just about popping champagne and attending parties but also revising for your January exams or writing your essays.

Here are some tips on how to have a work-free Christmas break and leave yourself floundering with a mountain of work and shed-load of pressure come January, so please don’t follow them as I did!

1. Forget about uni

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We only live once, so why not enjoy your long Christmas break while you can? Some of your course mates will start preparing for exams and essay deadlines weeks in advance and work a few hours a day – but their holiday must be so dull. Will they binge-watch Netflix for 12 hours? Probably not, poor things.

Mid-January is still AGES away, so University is not real for a few weeks yet. Now is the time to bloat from overeating Quality Street, mince pies and pigs in blankets!

2. Ignore your course mates

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It’s best not to know how prepared your friends are, to avoid unnecessary anxieties. Yes, you might return to campus and realise that they’ve all finished that huge assignment you’re yet to begin. But at least you had a stress-free break and feel recharged (if only a bit unnerved).

3. Plan your parties not your studies

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There are so many events you simply can’t miss; plans with your family, catch-ups with your old friends and a host of Christmas parties. Social life gets so busy during holidays – you’ll need a diary.

And then you need to spend some time doing nothing, lying around in your pyjamas. Prioritising and planning work during your precious break is absolute madness. Some go as far as having checklists of things they want to complete by the end of each day. Those people don’t even know what it’s like writing a whole essay overnight, doped by Red Bull and stress – the nights you will want to forget, and those rushed essays you will never want to lay your eyes on again.

So, hope you have a great (but also productive!) Christmas break for your future’s sake. There’s plenty of time to enjoy the festivities and get a bulk of work done – you only need to be a tad more organised.


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