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How NOT to ruin your final year

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There’s always something about the end that gets me – the start of a brand new chapter and the liberation of making it through, yet bidding goodbye to everything you thought you knew. I can’t relate to this more than now as I’m going into my 3rd and final year at uni.

Final year is about to be like being on an insane roller coaster ride; filled with adrenaline and emotions while trying to remain calm the whole time. This might be the most stressful yet exciting times of our lives, so here are some ways not to ruin your last year at uni so that you can make memories worth a lifetime instead:

Remember to take a breather and chill

Yes, with dissertations or final year projects, work may seem never-ending. But only makes it more important to take time out for yourself and BREATHE. While working hard for that first class degree is important, making sure to enjoy the process is just as important.

Love what you do

As we delve into this thing called adulthood, time seems to zoom past us without any warning, which makes me grasp how much every second counts (however cliché it may sound). So of course the best option is to love every moment of what you do so it will not seem like a chore but an exciting phase.

Find a system that works for you

At this point of our uni lives, we’ve all realised how differently everyone gets work done. So realise what works best for you: be it mugging at the library through the night or simply having designated hours in which to be productive.

Immerse yourself in something you enjoy

When work and stress piles up (it always does), seek comfort in something therapeutic and enjoyable. Get involved with anything that takes your mind off work for a while because work is always going to be there.

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