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What NOT To Take To Uni

You’ve probably all read the lists of ‘vital’ items to take to university, so in a desperate attempt at originality I present to you my totally unique list of items you almost definitely do not need to take with you to uni. But probably still will.

1. Letter writing stationery

The 1950s called and want their main method of communication back. Weirdly, I spent a lot of money on luxurious letter writing stationery before uni to make sure I could keep in touch with my many acquaintances in the most romantic, pure form. This was a lovely idea. Realistically, everyone is contactable through Facebook, phone call or email, and if they’re not, use the money you would have spent on luxury stationery on bringing them into the twenty-first century. They’ll thank you for it.

2. Abstract sporting equipment

I’m not saying you won’t play sports at university, because you probably will and you’ll let everyone know about it. However, if ‘your sport’ happens to be surfing and you’re many miles away from the sea, using your surfboard as a table at pre-drinks seems a tad unnecessary. We get it. Your surf. But leave the board behind.

3. A-Level work

While you may vaguely touch upon something you covered during your A-Levels, you will almost definitely not need any of your old colour-coordinated revision notes. I understand it’s hard to throw away those two years of blood, sweat and tears. But trust me when I say that it’s much better than hoarding six lever-arch folders through three years of university. Those days are over and it’s okay to move on. Your A-Level teachers will understand.

4. Weird cooking equipment

You’re never going to use a palette knife. Fact.

5. DVDs

Young and foolish, I insisted on packing my top twenty favourite DVDs and bringing them to university. It was painful narrowing the selection down to twenty, and I spent more time agonising over this than on any other packing problem: ‘But what if I want to watch Lord of the Rings extended editions and I’ve only packed the standard editions?!’  Embrace Netflix paired with a HDMI cable and leave your DVDs at home.

Student halls are not known for their spaciousness and large storage capacity, so do everyone a favour and leave these things at home. I promise there will not be a day where you sit upright in bed and shriek: ‘IF ONLY I HAD MY TRUSTY PALETTE KNIFE WITH ME’!

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