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My Memories of an Awesome Architecture Society Trip Abroad

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Second term in the Architecture School is an intense one – there are more projects, more pieces of coursework and more exams, which means that we are all more than ready for a break! Each year the Architecture Society organises a trip abroad for its members so that we have the chance to adventure outside of the studio together.

Last year we went to Krakow in Poland, and this year we are off for a week of sun (hopefully) in Budapest. I can’t wait to get on that flight after all the organising we have done as part of the committee. My room is filled with piles of boarding passes, passport scans, insurance policies and most importantly lists of amazing things to see when we are out there.

But seeing as we haven’t gone yet, I thought I’d recap what we did last year! Taking my travel journal with me I recorded what we did on each day, and looking back at it now there are some very interesting stories I felt were worth sharing!

Krakow is a beautiful historic town with a grand central square, a castle, many churches, art galleries and stunning parks, so for the first few days we explored these, hiring bikes to make the travelling a bit more exciting! We travelled up and down the river, stopping off at many interesting points along the way – the castle being the main attraction. We took a trip on a horse and cart around the centre of the town, and popped in to many little shops.

We also visited the salt mines, which were incredible (even if we had some difficulties with the public transport). There were underground lakes, a church and intricate sculptures down there – it felt like we were on a set from Lord of the Rings!

We set aside a full day to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp which is nearby. It was a moving and sobering experience, and some parts of the tour made us all very uncomfortable, but we all supported each other and it was a worthwhile trip as sometimes we forget how truly lucky we are.

Spending time together in the evenings, doing karaoke, visiting jazz bars and playing card games filled the time that we had spare. And many amazing meals were had out and about! We also were set challenges by the committee, such as best photobomb, best gurn, and best plank. People took the competition very seriously (there are almost no photos of me pulling a ‘normal’ face) and it’S hilarious watching people run in to the back of each others, and strangers’ photos!

A week really goes by so quickly! But it was an amazing week filled with pretty buildings, amazing food, and great people, and that is why I am off again in just under 24 hours for another trip with my archi-fam!

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