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Students’ Union: My Top 5

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Every University open day and prospectus boasts of a Student Union to rule them all… But what actually is a SU, and why does everyone care so much?

Newcastle’s Students’ Union  (NUSU) is an unmistakable red brick building (which perfectly adhere’s to the Russell Group stereotype) at the heart of Newcastle’s campus. It’s the one building which incorporates a social and a work environment, whilst also providing all the welfare information you could possibly need. Here are my favourite things about Newcastle Univerity’s Students’ Union:

  1. Ran by students
    The Student Union is for students and is ran entirely by students. While this means they’re pretty much dead-on with providing ‘what students want’, it also means you’re supporting students by getting involved.
  2. Gigs
    The basement of the SU provides a really good venue for gigs, hosting the likes of Circa Waves, Little Comets and Ratboy this year. Tickets are usually around £15, and drinks equally as cheap- meaning that you don’t have to entirely bankrupt yourself to go see that-band-you-don’t-really-know-but saw-once-at-Leeds-Fest. As well as lots of great bands, you can also snag a really cheap ticket to some decent tribute acts. Sure, maybe you aren’t going to be seeing Oasis or The Stone Roses any time soon, but you can see Definitely Oasis or The Complete Stone Roses  for around a tenner- and that’s basically the same…. right? no?

    I'm no professional photographer... But I should be

    I’m no professional photographer… But I should be.

  3. Subway. And Dominos.
    In the same building. This is not a drill. If, like the majority of us, you are not even remotely organised enough to bring your own  nutritious, home-cooked lunch… The SU has the answer. You may not want to include it on your MyFitnessPal diet plan, but it’s 100% worth the guilt.
  4. Study Area
    On Level 2 of the SU you’ll find a great study area with 89 computers and plenty of desk space. It’s usually not as busy as the main libraries and tends to be quite a social area- so it’s a great location to meet up with a study group or to complete a group project! If that’s not doing it for you… there’s also a Starbucks here which offers reduced prices on coffee.

    Study Space on Level 2

    Study Space on Level 2

  5. Mens Bar (soon to be renamed  Luther’s)
    Cheap drinks and plenty going on, Mens Bar is the only bar situated on campus, making it the perfect place to meet friends after a long day of lectures. Mens Bar is home to a weekly quiz and coffee house acoustic sessions, as well as another Starbucks if it’s too difficult to make the pilgrimage up to Level 2 for acaffeine fix.
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