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Student Room October Roundup

It’s been a busy month on our Student Room board, filled with all sorts of queries about UCAS applications.

Here are some of the most common queries we’ve received, over the past four weeks.

Predicted Grades

I am predicted AAB in my A levels and was wondering how likely it would be to be given an offer that matches my predicted grade

This is something we’ve seen a lot of on The Student Room, as naturally a lot of you are anxious to know if you’ll receive an offer.

If you’re predicted to meet the entry requirements of the course, it is likely that you will be made an offer. However, while predicted grades play a part in the offer making process, the admissions team looks at the whole application, which includes the personal statement and reference before making a final decision.

Every UCAS application is assessed on an individual basis, so unfortunately we can’t guarantee whether an offer will be made based on just your predicted grades. I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait and see!

Turnaround Time for Applications

Do Newcastle Wait for the January 15th deadline before they start marking offers?

Me and my friend both applied to Newcastle around the same time and he's got an offer along a week ago. I was wondering roughly when the offers go out, are they done all together or in stages?

The turnaround time for applications is usually three weeks at this time of the year. However, the admissions team does get very busy in December and January, so it can take a little bit longer to get an offer the closer you apply to the deadline.

Also, some of our courses may receive more applications than others so the turnaround time will vary depending on the course. Some courses will be inundated with applications and can take up to 2 months to turnaround applications.

We do ensure all applications received before the UCAS deadline receive a reply by the 5th of May at the latest.


All candidates who have applied to the Medicine will hear back by the UCAS deadline of 31 March. As there are a huge number of applications for the School to go through they are usually still processing and interviewing until the end of February.

Once interviews have been concluded, any remaining decisions are sent to UCAS. This means that if you have not been invited to interview you may not receive a decision on your application until the end of February. Students who have been interviewed will know the outcome of their application by the end of March.

More information about the interview and other aspects of the admissions process for Medicine can be found in the Medical School admissions policy.


For Dental Sciences, applicants will be contacted to confirm if they have been shortlisted for an interview by Christmas.


Does the partners scheme prolong the time it takes for Newcastle to reply and give offers?

Applying for PARTNERS does slow down the turnaround time of applications as all applications will first have to be reviewed for eligibility by the PARTNERS team before the application can be reviewed by the relevant school to make the final decision.

As long as the PARTNERS application and UCAS application have both been submitted, then it shouldn’t delay the process too long.

Maths Aid

I was hoping to apply for Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry course and wanted to know how much emphasis there is on Maths at Newcastle as i haven't done A-level Math

While it does help to have A-Level Maths, it’s not essential. Courses like Medicinal Chemistry, which prefer candidates to have A-level Maths, have modules in the first year to help you get to the required numerical ability.

If you do find that you need support, we offer a free Maths-Aid drop-in centre at the Robinson Library for non-Maths and Stats students. This provides professional assistance and advice on all aspects of mathematics and statistics, including preparation for exams, help in understanding lecture notes, advice on graduate numerical skills test and more. So don’t let Maths deter you from applying!

Some courses we offer do require certain A-level subjects, so be sure to check the entry requirements carefully.

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