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As university students, most of us come to acquire this tremendous ambition of working alongside our studies. And of course, if one gets a part-time job in a relevant field, it’s perfect! Before coming to the UK, I also harboured a dream of getting a job in media and publishing which could perfectly complement my mere 6-hour class schedule as a Creative Writing student.

However, one visit to Newcastle University’s extremely efficient and helpful Careers Service made me realise that it is easier to find part-time jobs in certain sectors like Service and Catering as opposed to say in an Architecture or Engineering field simply because the latter’s working hours often clash with our class timings.

But if you happen to be flexible, as some doors close, others open up for you almost instantly. For example, as a former journalist and a Creative Writing student, I felt that I could channel any experience to my writing. So it didn’t matter which sector I worked in, as long as it made for a new and enjoyable working experience.

Keeping that in mind, I started looking for jobs and came across this opening with a new South Indian popup restaurant that was looking for waiters and waitresses. I decided to apply for the position, as coming from India, I was familiar with the cuisine, but I had no experience working in the service sector. However, I was called for an interview and was eventually selected to be a part of the front of house team.

I start working next week and I am quite excited to say the least. So, my advice to anyone looking for a job while at uni is: Be open to options.

Yes, the number of rejections might be far more than the number of people willing to hire you. But every time you attend an interview, you’ll learn something new about yourself and that knowledge will one day help you ace the job of your dreams.

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