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Overview Of The Past Year

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My final uni year has come around in a blink of an eye and this month I graduate. This seems crazy to me, and feels like only yesterday I was sitting in the back of my parents car with boxes stacked on top of me, driving 6 hours North ready to start my new adventure.

Whilst I feel quite sad about leaving uni, I have the most incredible memories that I’m able to take with me and keep for the rest of my life.

For me, final year was a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m not going to sugarcoat things and say it was a smooth ride, because it wasn’t. It was tough and sometimes it felt like it would have been easier to just move all my things into the library and call it home.

However, when you finally finish your degree, you realise that all of those late nights, unhealthy amounts of coffee and 1000 files on your laptop were all worth it.

Three things have been significant to me during my final year, and I want to outline them separately:

I wrote a dissertation, and actually managed a pretty good grade!

Ever since applying to uni I knew I would have to write a 10,000 word dissertation. The idea of doing this haunted me for years and I did not feel capable of producing such a large piece of work.

I feel like this is a huge misconception of uni life. Yes, 10,000 words is quite a lot, but when you actually break it down into chapters it really is not that daunting.

In fact, towards the end, you’ll be wishing you had a larger word count!


Our end of year ball summed up just how great uni life has been

Last month our course committee hosted an amazing ball in a brilliant venue. For me, this evening managed to encapsulate everything great that uni had taught me and led me to.

I sat on a table with some of the best friends I’ve met over these three years whilst we ate food and then eventually managed to dance together (once our bloating had gone down!). It was definitely a highlight of this past year.


Realising that it is ok to be uncertain of your future

During my time at uni I have probably heard this dreaded question from family members about 50 times. “So what is it you want to do when you finish?

A couple of years ago this question would panic me and I would look for the right answer instead of the real one. But you know what? Who knows?

I have nothing set out in stone. Yes I am applying for grad jobs but I have no pathway that I want to directly stick to. I’ve learnt to become excited about the uncertainty of the future, and I hope that if you are reading this post as a prospective student, you don’t become put off by not knowing what it is you want to do yet, because that’s ok, and there is time to figure it all out.


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