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What To Pack As A Marine Tech Student

Coming to study Marine Technology at Newcastle University? We asked first year student Artura what their average day is like to give you an idea of what you’ll get up to when you join us.

Here is a list of all the basic essential Items you will need to bring specifically for Uni.


A collection of stationary

Pen/Pencil and ruler set and something to write/type a lot of notes in (i.e. a large notebook or pad of paper or a laptop)

Exam approved Calculator

A Casio calculator

Any calculator model that begins with ‘Casio FX-83’, ‘Casio FX-85’ or ‘Casio FX-115’. You’ll be making a lot of calculations and won’t be able to use your phone in the exam.


A backpack

To keep all the stuff in as well as anything may also need to bring such as scarfs, umbrellas, safety boots (will be given to you soon after you arrive), laptops etc.

Files or plastic sleeves

A plastic file

You’ll be given a lot of tutorial and lecture sheets and will want to keep them somewhere, if you want have a different one for each module so you can say you are organised.

Some form of ID

A British passport

I.e. drivers licence or passport, you may use these often.

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