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What To Pack As A Marine Tech Student

Coming to study Marine Technology at Newcastle University? We asked first year student Verity what essentials she thinks Marine Technology students need to bring with them.

When it comes to things to take to your lectures, tutorials, and practicals there is a lot of choice of what to take and what not to take. Do you really need to take your A Level and GCSE notes – after the first few weeks let’s hope not!?


A Casio Fx-8 calculator

My trusty Casio FX-8

University approved of course – the CASIO fx-8… series! Every single subject you do will involve maths and often although it may be simple sums it’ll be difficult numbers that you can’t easily multiply and divide in your head.


A pad of paper

Some lecturers print off their PowerPoint slides for you to see or give you the option to see these on ‘Blackboard’ and print. But it is always a good idea to have squared paper to write extra notes that might not fit, or to draw extra diagrams or to do a rough answer to a problem you are struggling to solve.

Square paper is especially important as there’ll be a lot of diagrams and it just makes it easier to draw them accurately and visualise problems.

Pencil case containing pencils and rulers

An open pencil case

Again, rulers and pencils are needed for drawings and pens and highlighters help you organise notes and make sure you can see all the important information when quickly scanning your notes.

Organised files and folders

Newcastle University branded folders

Keep different subjects to different files and use file dividers to separate topics within the same subject. Use folders which are vivid and different colours so you can save time and quickly grab the correct folders for your classes that can be found timetabled on the Newcastle University app.

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