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Top 6 Revision Playlists

Exam season is here and to help you stay motivated, we’ve pulled together a mix of revision playlists to get you through those long sessions at the library

Last Minute Revision

Whether it was planned or not, we all find ourselves doing last-minute revision at some point in our education career. But is it a viable revision tactic? We break it down in to pros and cons to work out what you can expect from all that cramming. PROS Sometimes the pressure of limited time can
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Top 5 Ways to Deal with Revision Stress

Feeling stressed with the ever-approaching exam season and all the revision associated? Running out of time and sensing brain strain? It’s completely normal to feel that way, but there are ways of coping with such exam stress… DON’T GO COMPARE Comparing your revision to date with friends is destined to set you up for worry
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Is Last Minute Revision a Good Idea?

Think you’ve got bags of time before exam season is well underway? It’s no secret that the weeks fly by and soon you could be wishing you’d cracked on earlier. Although cramming works for some, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. Piling on the pressure could leave you feeling pretty stressed and fuel
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Does Revision have to be Non-Stop?

The dreaded exam season is creeping up, and as always there’s much debate about how to make the most out of your time to revise. Whether you’re revising 100% 24/7, or you’re more of a here-and-there learner, there are pros and cons to both methods… REVISION REVISION REVISION Exams are looming so every second of
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Top Tips For Stress-Free Revision

Whether you’re revising for your A-levels, for final International Baccalaureate exams, or you’re a university student cramming for exams that count towards your final degree, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you get the best out of your revision, without losing sleep over it. Here are my 5 top tips!
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Revision tips: Pulling an All-Nighter in t...

It’s that time of year when sweat begins to appear on the brows of students, not because the temperatures are rising but because the countdown to the exam season has begun. Newcastle University’s wide range of resources will be stretched to their limits, so how about staying up late, fight those yawns and smash out
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