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PARTNERS Scheme For Architecture Degrees

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PARTNERS is an excellent opportunity for students looking to study at Newcastle Unviersity. My own experience with the program was extremely fulfilling. At college, it was my dream to study in the school of Architecture.  Thanks to the Assessed Summer School, I was given the full experience of an architectural project. Working alongside tutors and fellow students helped me develop new skills in planning, designing and presenting projects- skills that I’ve used throughout my first year.

Newcastle's enchanting Architecture Building, where I spent most of my time during the Summer School.

Newcastle’s enchanting Architecture Building, where I spent most of my time during the Summer School.

The architecture summer school was quite different to other subjects. While some students took part in lectures and written exams, our subject involved designing and presenting a ‘sitooterie’, or ‘place of quiet consideration’, to two of the tutors. We also had to produce a portfolio of the work done during this time. These tasks allowed for a lot of creative freedom and I felt a great sense of accomplishment by the end of it all. I’ve even kept some of the pieces I worked on during the Summer School, including a wooden scale model of the sitooterie that sits on my desk!

A small souvenir from my time with PARTNERS.

A small souvenir from my time with PARTNERS.

To me, PARTNERS was beneficial not only as a means of entry to Newcastle University, but as an in-depth introduction to the degree programme and a way of meeting likeminded individuals with the same interests in the course. The assigned tasks kept me on my toes, and although it could be burdening at times, I took some opportunities to relax at social events organised by the University. In addition to my own experience, some of my non-local friends said it was a good way for them to take the time to see the sights of the city of Newcastle.

Perhaps the best thing about the Summer School was the fact that I could return to Newcastle University in September and not feel like a stranger, as by the end of it I knew my way around campus and had already become acquainted with several members of the faculty.

If you’d like to find out more about our PARTNERS scheme, visit our website or check out our webinar.

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