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Picking the Right Flatmates

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At uni you get to make adult decisions every day, like choosing to eat cake for breakfast or ice cream for dinner! But the most exciting (yet terrifying) one has to be looking for your first flat outside of halls. For the first time, you’re stepping out of the shelter that’s been provided for you and deciding on where to live, who to share with and the type of home you want to live in. Can it get any more exciting?

You need to take your time and figure out who you want to live with and where. If our favourite sitcom Friends has taught us anything, it’s that your flatmates are the essence of your house. These are the people with whom you are going to live, day in and day out, and people that are going to witness your nutty living habits, while still accepting you the way you are. So although it is tempting to clique up with your best mates to find a home, will you be fine if he/she does not pull equal weight around the house?


Without a doubt, living away from home during uni has taught many of us one thing – good friends are just like family. Of course, nothing can trump Mum’s homemade cookies or Dad’s handy skills, but the friends you make at uni know more about you than you even knew about yourself.

Uni is a coming-of-age period where we discover so much more about ourselves and learn from foolish mistakes. To come out strong, we all need that support system that is our closest lifeline, confidante and friend all wrapped up in one, and living with people you trust will give you the best of both worlds – a friend and a housemate.

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