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Playing Intramural Sport at university

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Sport may be something that you love, it might be something you don’t mind or it might be something that makes you recoil in horror. Before I went to university, I was most firmly in the ‘I don’t mind’ camp, but had never sought to be involved in anything outside of PE lessons.

It was during a lecture that I first considered I might like to play sport. Some third year students asked if anyone on the course would like to play in the netball team. I signed up there and then. As the majority of the team at that stage were third year students and so left a year later, I somehow took on the captaincy for my second and third year joint with another girl, which was great fun. Netball was a really important part of my university life and I appreciated the break it gave me from studying.

Intramural is a mid-ability sports level. Teams from across the university compete in sports leagues and tournaments. They may be course or hall teams or just groups of friends – anyone can create a team and sign up. At Newcastle the sports available to play at intramural level are 11s, 7s and 5s Football, Netball, Mixed Hockey and Rugby Union.

Intramural sport is really for any ability and there are a whole host of reasons people choose to play. Perhaps you want to play a sport but not able to play at university level, whether that be for ability reasons or because you don’t want that level of commitment. Maybe you want to make new friends. Or perhaps you just want to get fit. Whatever the reasons, there is so much to be gained from playing intramural sport both for whilst you are at university and after, and I would recommend everyone to look into what is on offer.

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