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Post-fresher year survival kit

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With the sun making its rare appearances while the days get frostier, we have to face the inevitable truth; summer is long over and the term is actually back in action.

The term break had spoilt me rotten and getting back into uni groove is not easy at all, especially when I’m no longer a fresher. A year can make a big difference – grades count now and workload is no longer at a minimal level.

But with the extra year comes along extra wisdom that your 2014-self never knew; wisdom that will make your 2nd year surpass all the excitement that 1st year granted. Here are some tips that I’m taking along with me to survive uni (again)!

  • Planning never goes out of style

Make the best investment of purchasing a handy planner or utilise the valuable invention of mobile calendars and make your semester’s timetable clear enough for you. Jot down all your submission dates beforehand to avoid any clutters.


  • Cooking together saves money and time

Most of us are no longer in the comfort of halls and have stepped into the adult realm of living in a house or flat together with our friends. In comes the bills and responsibilities that might hurt bank balances, so we resort to conserving on heating. Why settle for a chilly home when all we have to do to save some pennies is to prepare meals with your flat mates? Not only does it save a lot of time but it also boosts time spent with friends especially when everyone is busy with their own commitments. This way you would be splitting costs and feeding your body what it needs as well. No, I’m not talking about meal deals, eat4less or readymade microwavable meals. Fresh and easy recipes are everywhere online.

  • Best deals are not hard to come by at all

Next time you’re food-shopping, head on straight to the clearance aisle. It’s a goldmine! Who even pays full price these days anymore? Discount stores, such as Bargain Buys in town, is a dream for anyone seeking a good deal – check it out!

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