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The Pros and Cons of Living at Home

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If you go to uni near your home town, deciding whether to move out or live at home can be a difficult decision to make. Here are some pros and cons of staying at home to help you decide:



  1. Money – living in student accommodation really drains some people of their money. The cost of rent, the cost of living, the cost of going out with the friends in your halls who might encourage you more than if you were at home. Living at home means you have more money to spare and you might well be less tempted to spend.
  2. Food – as well as saving money, if your parents are soft and don’t make you pay board for food/living expenses, living at home means that you can have home cooked meals every day! One of the complaints I hear the most from my friends who live away from home is the struggle of not having a Sunday dinner every week!
  3. Parents – uni is stressful and having your parents there can really help for advice or as an extra person to proof read your assignments. I know university is a time for finding yourself and becoming an adult but some people aren’t quite ready for that and it’s fine to feel like you still need your parents at this time of your life.


  1. Social life – if all your friends who live near you have gone away to uni, it can be difficult to get to and from places near campus that your uni friends might want to meet up without forking out too much money for taxis and the like. There’s always public transport but often at university your friends stay out past the times they run or you might not want to get a train or bus home alone later at night. This can affect the chances you get to socialise.
  2. Less of an experience – living in halls is a whole other world to living at home and some people might feel that living at home would lead to them missing out on the experiences of student accommodation.
  3. Less freedom – while I’m lucky in that my parents allow me a lot more freedom even though I live at home, some people might find that if they stayed at home with their parents their university experience might be restricted or their parents might not allow them to do the things they want to do.


Ultimately, you are the only person who knows and can decide what is best for you. Weigh up the pros and cons and really think about what you want from university and where you’re going to live for the next few years and you’ll come to the right decision.

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