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Race to Results Day…

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So the time has come, you’ve finished your exams and now there’s nothing to do but wait (and enjoy summer of course) until the all-important day in August. Here’s some advice and reflections on how best to keep calm for results day:


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Image Source: GIPHY

I don’t think I slept the night before I got my A-level results, I was so nervous – the next day would determine the next big step in my life, but equally, I was so excited that the anticipation would finally be over!

I tried to remember how I felt after each exam, making desperate attempts to calculate if I thought I had done enough at 2am, whilst frantically checking UCAS. My advice – DO NOT DO THIS.

There are plenty of options no matter what UCAS or your exam certificates say – rest easy knowing you did your best, and whether you panic or not, your results won’t change!


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Whether you get what you wanted/needed or not, don’t think your dreams are crushed: you will fulfill them, they might just need to be put on hold or be reached on a different path.

Take a step back, and a deep breath – you got this! Your goals don’t need to change because of some letters on a page, and at university you learn to strive for other goals alongside academic achievements (although these are still important!).

There are also great processes for clearing and adjustment, where you can find somewhere to suit you, and more often than not they are a great fit – I have friends that are more thankful that they went through clearing after all, and they are LOVING their university life.


Image Source: GIPHY

Image Source: GIPHY

Results day is a great time to celebrate despite what the events of an over-anticipated morning brought to you and your friends. It will be something you are glad of once your emotions have balanced – it’s the end of an era, there are no ties left to sixth form/college and exciting times lie ahead for everyone, whatever they might be!

Go out and celebrate, you’ve earned it!


Results are IN! The BEST news leading to lots of fun in the BEST city!

Results are IN! The BEST news leading to lots of fun in the BEST city!

So you did it! Congratulations (sorry it’s a little premature)! Results day is the start of your new journey, so don’t be afraid to scream, shout and tell people about your new beginning – you have a right to be incredibly proud of yourself!

When you start to receive lots of confirmation emails and letters, a whole host of new emotions emerge and you won’t be sure if you are scared, nervous, excited, relieved – to be truthful you will likely be feeling all of these things, I certainly was!

I’ll never forget getting my #Ticket2NCL on Results Day, I’d never been more relieved and proud at the same time and it went all over my social media – I’d done it!

Results Day can be a big deal, but only if you want it to be! Remember to stay calm because whatever happens you can find a path to your end destination, and we’ll be happy to welcome you to Newcastle with open arms and lots of smiles – ROLL ON FRESHERS WEEK! See you in September freshers!

Until then, here’s a little throwback to my results day, and what’s to come for you if you chose Newcastle …

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