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Why RAG should be on your to-do list

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The only way I can appropriately describe final year of university is hectic, manic and all the synonyms in between.

Not only do I have the pressures of deadlines to meet (including the looming dissertation) but I also have thrown myself into more extra-curricular activities than you can shake a stick at. I am the RAG (Raising and Giving) officer at Newcastle University and it certainly has been a challenge. The role of RAG officer is a job share, part-time position. Or certainly that’s the job description. I’m lucky enough to share this job with one of my best friend’s at university, but a part-time position it is not.

Needless to say I have had an incredible year (so far) as the RAG Officer and can happily say the total amount of money raised in RAG week, at the end of January, was just short of £9000. RAG week this year was incredibly successful raising the most of any RAG week in the University’s history!

I implore any student, whether you’re first year or final year, to get involved with RAG week as a RAG crew member or supervisor. RAG week consists of fancy dress, street collections and a week of incredibly fun day and night-time events, including a Comedy Night, Talent Show and the infamous Take Me Out, which last year went viral featuring on Huffington Post.

RAG Officer Emily limbo-ing her way to getting a date

RAG Officer Emily limbo-ing her way to getting a hot date

RAG is not only limited to RAG week however. We aim to host events through the year, this year’s have included a clothes swap Swishing event, an incredibly popular Speed Dating event and just recently the annual Fashion Show, NRFS.

The fashion show, again, has been a huge success this year raising a little under £3000 – over double that raised in the year previous!

As much as I may moan about being so busy, having a ‘part-time’ job that really should be a full time position, and forever being too tired to know what real words are anymore, I can’t encourage anyone enough to throw yourself into everything at Newcastle Uni.

If you have an interest or hobby, find the club or society for it. If not, make a new one! It’s far better for your CV to boast feats such as ‘founder of the Baking Society’ alongside your 2:1 in Biology than merely a First Class degree and no other colour or excitement to show for your three years at university.

Give it a go, what’s the worst that could happen?

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