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Why RAG Week will be your best week yet!

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Argh January. Is it just me who always feels a little deflated when January decides to rear its ugly head again? You’ve packed on the festive pounds, it’s miserable weather outside, and to top it all off, you’ve got exams to revise for. (Talking about exams, if you do have them, good luck!)

Enough whining – I’m here to tell you why RAG Week is going to save the day! Hooray!

The best word I can think of to describe my Masters is: busy. Busy with deadlines, busy with friends, and busy with RAG! If you’re sat there thinking, ‘what on earth is RAG?!’ then I’m here to enlighten you. ‘RAG’ stands for ‘Raising and Giving’ and we’re a student-led committee devoted to raising money for charity through fundraising events.

Our ‘main event’ so to speak is RAG Week, and this is taking place 30th January – 6th February. RAG week consists of various daytime and evening events such as Pub Quiz, Take Me Out, Man vs. Food, and many more. With so many incredible events, who wouldn’t want to be involved?!


Of course, we wouldn’t be able to pull off any of these events without our lovely crew! Consisting of up to 200 of you, RAG crew involves fancy dress, charity collections and of course a week of fun. Applications for RAG crew are currently open (closing Thursday 14th January), but even if you aren’t involved with crew, RAG events are open for anyone to attend.

Most importantly, RAG week occurs the week after exams finish. It’s a great way to de-stress, unwind, and enjoy yourself before the hectic semester two timetables kick in. RAG week 2015 was hands down one of my best weeks at university yet, and I would encourage anyone to get involved in a heartbeat. It’s all about having fun, and raising money for charity – a massive win-win.

Go on, you’d be silly not to get involved…

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