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Rain, Rain, go away. What shall I do instead today?

A Picture of Lucy

I have some groundbreaking news for you; the weather in Newcastle is not great. If ever you thought that the bronzed skin you see on nights out here was in any way, shape or form natural, you are going to be sorely disappointed. The silver lining to all of this is that Newcastle is a city very well equipped for indoor activities.

My favourite place to go on a rainy day is Lane 7. Not far from Powerhouse, it is the edgiest bowling alley you will ever find. I must admit I was initially suspicious of this place when it was first proposed. Bowling alleys traditionally remind me of naff 12th birthday parties, stinking shoes, sticky carpets and inedible food.


Quite fortunately this is not the case at Lane 7. Imagine a cool, urban, rustic bar, with amazing music that you can pick using the app secret DJ, great Milkshakes (some applicable for kids and some for exclusively adults) and probably the best sweet potato fries in Newcastle. Oh and also ten pin bowling and ping pong and pool and karaoke! Fun for all your friends, even the ones that truly lack coordination as the adult milkshakes make for a very level playing field.


However if you’re not feeling especially athletic, I would suggest a trip to Tyneside Cinema. Whether your thing is the newest releases or old movies, they cover it all in a number of different small screens and each one is different. The best one by far has to be the ‘classic’, an old style cinema room complete with red velvet curtains that rise and a viewing balcony.

So, take off that onesie and put on some socially acceptable clothes. A rainy day is not an excuse for you to veg out in front of the telly anymore!

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