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Reasons Not To Panic If You’ve Not Finished Your Personal Statement

Not quite finished your personal statement? Don’t worry! Here are 4 reasons why not to panic!

1. You’ve still got a while to go

Deadline Day isn’t until the 15th of January. At the time of writing that’s over 3 months, 111 days, 2,664 hours, 159,000 minutes… you get the point! That’s plenty of time for you to get your personal statement nailed down to a tee.

2. Perfection can take some time..

Writing about what makes you a great student in just 4000 characters can be hard, especially when there’s so much to say! So it’ll definitely take a few redrafts until you’re happy with it.

so don’t give up!

3. Deadlines can be a great motivator!

If you’re someone who works best under pressure and has mastered the art of cramming to meet deadlines here’s a countdown to help you get into the groove.

4. It’s cold outside..

You might as well stay indoors, work on your personal statement and treat yourself along the way! 👍

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