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Remembering UCAS

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For anyone wishing to go to University, UCAS for a brief period can dominate your life. Its spectre looms over you in the shape of a finely crafted, strictly 4000 character statement, or the overbearing teacher who just wants you to get into Newcastle but has a funny way of showing it.

I certainly experienced this. I searched for a profound quote to demonstrate my learnedness, whilst being persistently nagged to ”get a move on” by my form tutor. UCAS at the time appeared a chore. However, now I recollect on the process I see that it provided some invaluable skills and lessons for not only future applications but of making decisive decisions. It taught me how to effectively write about myself, (a task I’m sure you all dread) without simply listing any qualities I thought an admissions officer would like. It taught me the value of experience in applying thoughts and skills to a practical application. Most importantly for the personal statement it taught me that I need to show enthusiasm for my desired subject, something that will go immeasurably far in any subject.

However I gained more from the process than plain academic skills. It gave me great day’s travelling around the country with my dad experiencing cities I otherwise would not have visited. Seeing the buildings, the students going about their routines and hearing about what I could be learning. This made university seem truly real, something I could attain whilst I found out that I certainly did not want to be in catered accommodation! UCAS might appear dull and tedious but it can provide a wealth of skills and experience. And no matter what the end result, your emotions will be tied to it until August. Whether it makes you sob like a child one moment and leap in the air the next.

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