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Revision: At Home vs. The Library

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Exam season is almost upon us and the struggle we know so well of asking “How do I revise?” is back. At uni, another important thing to consider is “WHERE do I revise?” Will I get more done in the library or at home? Obviously it depends on you but here are some things to consider which might sway you or encourage you to try something new.

The Library

  • If you live away from home when you’re at uni, the library can provide quiet that is never seen in student halls or houses. Newcastle’s Robinson Library even has individual desks in silent study areas so if you’re still not getting work done, it’s usually not somebody else’s fault.
  • That said, during exam season the library will be full to the brim with people all desperate for somewhere to study. This means that it might be hard to even find a desk and if you do, there’ll always be that one person who just can’t stay silent in the silent area (even with the Robinson Library’s noise complaint service)!
  • For some people, a day in the library can be motivating and leave them feeling pleased that they worked hard. For others, a day in the library can be soul destroying. It’s draining to sit in the same place out of your home comforts with not much to do when you need a ten minute break. Study areas are motivating for a while but for some people even with silence and other hard working student around them, there are still distractions.

At Home

  • Although student halls and houses are notorious for being noisy and full of distractions, if all of your housemates have exams at the same time as you then everyone will want to knuckle down and revise. You can help to motivate each other and be there with cups of tea when you all need a break.
  • There’s no chance of your desk being taken by someone else at home, especially if there’s one in your room (just be careful not to work in your bed – beds are for sleeping and relaxing!). You can create a peaceful and motivating atmosphere at your desk which can encourage you to work hard.
  • If you like to revise visually, you can stick up revision posters and post-it notes around your student house so that even when you’re not knuckling down for a revision session, you can glance at them and refresh your memory.

Ultimately, you have to find out what works best for you. Try both out and see how productive you are with each. Alternatively, maybe both work for you and you can alternate between them so the revision routine doesn’t get too monotonous.

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