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Revision – How to Strike a Balance

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We all dread this time of year, the time where your friends suddenly become perpetually unavailable, you feel guilty for your normal routine of binge watching Netflix on a Saturday afternoon and it feels as though you are having an existential crisis hourly. Yes everyone, exam season is upon us! With a view to saving as many poor souls as I can, here is a list of tips to ensure that you feel on top of your exams or essays this Easter!

1. Get up!

Now of all times it is tempting to just snooze the alarm clock, or just not set one all together. The bottom line is if you don’t get up at a decent time you’re wasting valuable hours. If you’re a night owl and have been working late then fine stay in bed for a bit. My point is get your 6-8 hours that you need then get up, don’t lie in bed and feel sorry for yourself all day as that essay or that revision is going nowhere while you sleep.

2. Set yourself Goals

Never wake up with the general goal of getting some work done. Be specific. Say, I’ll revise this topic then break or I’ll write 500 words then go for lunch. It’s all about being able to measure your progress and being able to aim for something tangible rather than general ‘work’.

3. Give yourself a break

The real benefit of setting goals is that if you complete them you can free yourself guilt free and make sure you do that. Spending all your time revising or working can cloud your head. Sometimes when you feel like you’re not making any progress or really can’t figure something out it’s more productive to have a 40 minute break than to sit at your desk worrying. Do something that will completely clear you head; be it exercise or a coffee with friends, either way, make sure you take yourself away from work so that you can come back with fresh eyes. You’ll feel more relaxed and much more likely to get something good done.

4. Treat yo’ self

I’m a bigger fan of a carrot than a stick. I feel much more motivated by the idea of finishing my work with a view to going for a shopping trip or a drink with friends. It’s all about motivating you to get your goals done and celebrating this. Head for the light (or drink) at the end of the tunnel and once you are there completely switch off. The bottom line is that you have earned it and recharging is important to ensuring you have a productive day tomorrow!

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