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Revision tips: Pulling an All-Nighter in the Library

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It’s that time of year when sweat begins to appear on the brows of students, not because the temperatures are rising but because the countdown to the exam season has begun. Newcastle University’s wide range of resources will be stretched to their limits, so how about staying up late, fight those yawns and smash out some solid revision overnight at the Robinson Library?

Avoiding the crowds

The library begins to fill around 10am, even earlier around exam time, and will be chock-a-block until about 7pm when you can hear the sound of bellies rumbling. Why not have your dinner at home, make yourself a flask of tea or coffee and head down to the robbo (student slang for Robinson Library) at around 8pm. A word of caution: the students heading the other way can be highly temperamental when hungry and tired.

Staying awake

My top tip for staying on the ball as the clock ticks past 12 is to get to your local corner shop before it shuts and treat yourself to a bag of something sugary to keep those energy levels up. To wash that down, sip on an energy drink or a cup of hot tea or coffee (also available at the library). Allow yourself a treat every time you start to lag, make sure not to scoff it all at once. The robbo’s vending machines are available to top up your sugar levels if needs be.

Take a friend

Even at the height of the exam period the library can be a lonely place, so persuade a friend or flatmate to tag along. The areas of work are largely quiet zones but the odd silent nod of encouragement might be all you need to keep you going. It also comes in handy to have someone to chat to on a 10 minute tea break at 2am in the morning, I find you get funny looks if you talk to yourself.

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