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Saving Money as a Student

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Moving to university brings lots of new responsibilities, including one that many people struggle with; learning to manage your money!

When you move away from home you soon realise that going home to visit family, doing your washing, buying your food, going out and even sometimes getting in to uni costs money! Before long you’ll realise how important it is to watch your spending!

So here are some of my top tips to help you save money at university…


1) Work out how much money you actually have to spend each week (after deducting rent and bills), and then try your best to stick to this!

2) Try living on slightly less than you actually have each week. For example I have £35 to live on each week, but I rarely allow myself to spend over £30. This way I save a little bit of money each week so I have some money to spend on treats occasionally.

Money Saving 

3) Try meal plans. Sit down before you go out to the shops and work out what you’re going to eat that week, and then make a shopping list. When you’re in the shop, stick to your list! Not only will this stop you buying unnecessary things, it will also stop you having to throw away food that you don’t use.

4) Don’t be afraid of value products! You don’t have to buy value everything! But you may find you prefer some value things, I prefer the supermarket’s value version of Shreddies than “real” Shreddies!

5) Plan ahead. If you’re sensitive to certain products such as washing tablets, and you find you’re nearly out. If you go to the supermarket and see your washing tablets at £6 for a big pack when they’re normally £11, then you’d be silly not to buy them while they’re on offer. You’ll only regret it when you run out a week later and they aren’t on offer any more!

6) Look for reduced items. I don’t mean spending ages looking at all the reduced items and buying them all especially if you’re not going to use them. But some things you may be able to buy and put it in the straight in the freezer and then cook it from frozen.

7) Booking your transport home for university holidays. If you’re like me and live quite far away from home, you’ll find the earlier you buy your train/travel tickets the cheaper it will be. So as soon as you know when you want to go home get on and book the tickets!

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