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Are School Days The Best Of Your Life?

You’ve probably heard it a million times: School days are the best days of your life. The summers are long and you don’t have to worry about paying the rent. But if you think you’ve got it good now, wait until you go to uni…

As soon as Freshers’ Week starts you’ll be meeting people from all different walks of life and making friends from all over the world. And at Newcastle Uni, there are so many things to get involved in – from the student newspaper, to Give it a Go.

Sports clubs and societies will help you meet people who share your passions… or introduce you to something completely new! From surfing to baking, there really is something for everyone.

With more freedom and independence than ever before, uni is a real step up from school days (although that does come with some responsibilities too!). Mum might not be there to do your washing and fry up your Sunday breakfast, but moving out brings with it a new lease of life!


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