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To be Self-Catered or Catered?

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Amongst the many choices you face as your time at University approaches, is the age-old debate of whether to go into catered halls or be self-catered. So here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of each and what you can expect.

Lie-ins vs. Fry-ups

Are you an early morning person? No, didn’t think so. A set breakfast time might not sound great then, but take in to account the guarantee of a fry-up every morning (other breakfast options will be available) and you might just awake from your slumber. Check out EAT@Castle Leazes to see what’s on offer!

By contrast, the self-catered option means you control when you eat, although you will have to rise out of that pit at some point. I mean the essays won’t write themselves.

Real deal vs. Meal deal

So you’ve made your way to campus, well done, and now its time for lunch. Most catered options will not provide a lunch and therefore its over to you, scary thought. Fear not, there are a lot of quick and cheap meal deals on offer in town. Most of the self-catered halls (take Windsor Terrace or Marris House for example!) are just a stone’s throw from campus, so get yourself back for some beans on toast.

Experimentation vs. Expectation

Dinner time, and if your self-catered then this is your time to shine. Show off your cooking skills to your flatmates by notching up something that Nigella would be proud of.

If you’re catered for then this is the time to gather round the table, catch up with your friends about their day and scoff whatever delicious options are available. Expect the choice of a couple of dishes, although one downside of catered accommodation is that you can expect to see a few repeats as the weeks tick by.

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