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In My Shoes – A Day As A Physiological Sciences Student

A Picture of Iqra

– My first alarm goes off – this is usually snoozed, because I don’t believe in getting up straight away.


– It’s been an intense fifteen minutes of thinking ‘NO. NOT YET.’ But I have to get up now for a shower (so I can beat the housemate who’s on my course to the bathroom) and my morning prayers.


– I’m showered, dressed, and finishing off the last of the bread whilst catching up on Sons of Anarchy. My housemate has now stumbled out of his room and heads upstairs for a shower.


– We head in to uni; we’re only a twenty-five minute walk from the Med School, so its easy to walk in, and great exercise.


– The first of two lectures on the activation and repression of  gene transcription – it’s a Wednesday, so we have a half day.


– We’re free! Well, almost – it’s off to the Walton library for me, to write up my notes and get out a molecular biosciences textbook I need for reading around the subject of today’s lectures.


– I’m sat in Mens Bar with some of my fellow RockSoc Executive Committee members – we’re selling tickets to our annual city trip, handing out membership cards to existing members and taking orders for our hoodies and t-shirts.


– I dash upstairs to the Planning room on the first floor of the Students’ Union building – it’s the weekly Courier meeting for the Arts Section. The rules for writing an article are as follows – raise a hand upon hearing about an article you fancy and hope no one-else wants it. If someone else does, a rock-paper-scissors battle to the death is required; we may be students, but we settle disputes in a civilised manner. I’m pleased with the album review I’ve picked up and agree to interview a band the next Monday.


– After grabbing a sandwich from the Students’ Union shop (I was way too engrossed in Sons of Anarchy to make lunch), I run over to the Agriculture building; my flatmate and I have signed up to a session with Baking society.


– We emerge from the building, bearing a slightly sticky swiss roll in a Tupperware container, and end up sampling it on the way home.


– I cook myself some real food, and spend an hour writing up lectures, then take a break and read some of the book I’ll be discussing the next week with members of the Feminist society.


– Despite wanting to curl up on the sofa, I force myself out of the house and to Jesmond Reform Church for the Yoga class with the Yoga society; after all the cake I’ve eaten, I need it!


– I return from Yoga, declaring that I am never going to move again.


– I shower, FaceTime my mum and siblings back home and cook my tea.


– More lectures, and then I give up in favour of watching Ugly Betty on Netflix with my flatmates – what is supposed to be one episode turns into a binge!


– I have an alarm set for 7.00am the next day, so it’s off to bed for me!

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