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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Results Day

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For most of us, Thursday 13th August 2015 will be just another day. Some people will be enduring a day at work and a lucky few might be sunning themselves on a bright white beach. So spare a thought for the thousands of 18 year olds, for whom this day could change the rest of their life.

Despite that dramatic introduction, if you have just finished your A-levels I urge you not to panic and here’s why.

It’s out of your hands now

You’ve done the hard work, you’ve put in the hours and hours of revision (hopefully), so now you can relax and enjoy the best of the British summer. There’s no point dwelling on ifs and buts because there is nothing more you can do. Give your brains a well-earned rest for a few weeks and do whatever it is 18 year olds do these days.

Don’t compare with your friends

We all do it instinctively, we come straight out of an exam and immediately we ask our friends how it went. But if I could give one post-exam tip it would be to avoid this at all costs. As I mentioned earlier, there is nothing you can do to change the result now and hearing other people stress about an exam might only add unnecessary worry to your summer.

What if I don’t get my 1st choice?

Things don’t always go exactly to plan and not everyone will get the results needed for their 1st choice University, but this will not signal the end of the world. There are numerous options still available to you. My 2nd choice was Newcastle University and not getting the required grades for my 1st choice was the best thing to happen to me because I have loved every second of my time on the Toon.

If you don’t receive any of your initial offers then there is also the clearing system, whereby you can re-apply to a number of universities around the country to find the one that suits you.

This process sounds scary but hundreds of students go through clearing every year and end up happily settled at a good university.


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