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It’s all about the Societies

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In my humble opinion, societies are one of the best things about university. Gone forever are the days where you had to be sporty to join in with extra-curricular activities. Welcome to a whole new world of university where there is something for everyone! In this post, I am going to talk about some thoughts about why you should join societies.

The main reason you should join a society is to make friends. It’s great to be friends with your flatmates and course mates, but having friends from societies adds another string to your social life at university, as well as allowing you to make friends from different years – something which can be very useful.

Another reason you should join societies is to  discover a new interest or hobby. Societies are often incredibly welcoming and are happy to take on beginners in a skill or beginners in the sense they have never done it formally before. University provides you with the perfect opportunity to try something new and give it a go, so don’t shy away from that challenge.

A photo from one of the socials with IVS

A photo from one of the socials with IVS

The best piece of advice anyone can follow is actually join a society. It is suprising with how many societies there are in University how some students don’t even join one. It is true that it can be difficult to manage with some degrees such as Medicine or Engineering, but one night a week off from study  wouldn’t hurt anyone. Another reason students don’t join is often because they are shy and don’t want to join a society they would be really interested in all on their own.

As a fellow shy person, believe me I can relate.

The only real way to overcome this shyness , sorry for the use of the cliché, but is to bite the bullet and do it anyway. Worst case scenario you sit there awkwardly and leave, best case scenario you meet some like-minded people who share a common interest with you. I am here to reassure you that the best case scenario is far more likely. At all society meetings I have attended, I have met welcoming and friendly people, so there is really no need to worry.

Hope this inspires some of you to join a society when you start university.

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