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Starting the semester on a high

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At the beginning of a new year we all make some new year resolutions that we’ve probably forgotten within a few weeks into the year. But that doesn’t affect whatever we’re trying to achieve on a big scale, as we have a whole year to complete them (or add to the next year’s list of resolutions). This isn’t the case unfortunately when starting a new semester at university. You only get a maximum of four months to finish up all the submissions, midterms and get ready for the finals. Here are few things I’ve learnt about starting a semester after one and a half years at university.

Know your challenges

Before making any plans you must have a clear idea about what your tasks are. So the first thing to do is have a look at all the module guides to get a picture of the amount of material you have to absorb. That way you can plan your study routines and avoid having piles of undone lectures towards the end of the semester.

Work submission timetable is your guide

Print this out in gold and post in everywhere in your house if you can. During a semester there are going to be numerous deadlines to meet and it is vital not to get them mixed up. It is important to have a mental image of your deadlines because you don’t want to be partying with your friends when you have deadline the next day. Last minute scram ups are not your best performances!

Get those textbooks

All the module reading lists will be posted on Blackboard (the University’s online learning tool) in good time for the start of the semester. So why not grab them as quickly as possible from the library to avoid having to buy them?

Keep up with the work

This is much easier said than done. But if you can keep catching up with the lecture as they come along, it will make your life hundred times easier during final exams. Don’t make unrealistic plans as a feel good factor, but make your plans based on your speed of learning.

A good start is always the key to success. Good luck!

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