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Is 6th Form Better than College?

Soon you’ll be saying goodbye to GCSE’s and the high school years, and embarking on the next stage of your life. But should this be at a sixth form or college? Our latest mythbuster investigates:


If you’re staying at the sixth form where you spent your high school years, it’s likely that you know the teachers pretty well, and vice versa. This could be really beneficial when applying to uni, as not only will they be able to give you the best advice, they’ll also be able to write a pretty cracking statement as your UCAS referee!

Knowing your teachers and surroundings will also help you settle in to A level life a lot quicker than if you move, giving you more time to crack on and be the best student you can!

Class sizes may also be smaller, giving you more contact with teachers, meaning more opportunities to get help if you’re struggling!


If you’re looking to switch things up a bit, college could be for you. With hundreds more students per year than at sixth form, you’ve got more chance of meeting ‘your kind of people’ and expanding your circle.

There could also be a wider range of courses available at college, allowing you to further explore what you’re into, and guide you towards the degree and career path of your dreams.

Probably the biggest draw for students to go to college is for the experience. Coming out of your comfort zone and meeting loads of new people can be life changing, and a huge boost of confidence before the real deal at uni!

The answer?

Unfortunately with this myth it’s undecided. It all comes down to what kind of experience you want for the next stage of your life.

Both routes lead to uni, as long as you’re keen to put in the hard work and get the grades you need for your dream degree.

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