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Staying Productive During Autumn/ Winter

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As mid-November rolls around, attendance in lectures can dwindle down to a small number and it feels like everyone is losing motivation to work. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about dark mornings and evenings which makes me lose all motivation to be productive, and leaves me more likely wanting to stay in bed for 7 hours with Netflix and a hot chocolate. There are a few things you can do to help stay productive.

Wrap up warm and head to the library.

Yes, you’re going to hate trudging there in the typically British cold weather. Yes, you’re going to hate sitting in the boiling hot library with 30 layers on. Yes, you’re going to hate having to actually work. But you’ll feel much better for it and won’t be left with an ‘oh my god I just watched an entire season of Suits in a day’ feeling of guilt. Which completely leaves your evening open for Netflix…


Going to the gym or for a run seems so much more appealing in July when going outside doesn’t feel like an arctic expedition, trust me. However, there are some benefits to exercising in the winter- it’s nowhere near as sweaty and sticky, for one. Whether it’s having a power walk to the shops or an intense session of ‘Insanity’- you’re going to feel much more motivated and productive after exercise, even if your body feels like it will never move again.

Don’t use the early dark nights as an excuse

Although it may be pitch black outside, it’s still only 5 o’clock and you still have plenty of time to finish that essay off. It’s easy to fall into the trap of packing away when the sun goes down, but stick on a few more lights in your house and convince yourself you’re in a tropical climate. You’ll thank yourself for a few extra hours of work the next day.

Tasty food

Autumn/Winter is a time for stews, casseroles and generally stodgy home-cooked meals. A day at the gym and library will be much more appealing if you’ve got a lovely warm meal to look forward to. Invest in a slow cooker or make big batches in advance to save yourself time and still get the ‘home cooking’ experience.

Although it may be more tempting to stay in bed and watch the drizzly day fly by from the comfort of your duvet, you’ll thank yourself for keeping up with work when January exams come around and you’re not having to desperately cram what you missed during November/ December. Good luck!

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