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Student Xmas: 1st Year vs. 3rd Year

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It’s now December which means one thing and one thing only- it is socially acceptable to begin festivities. Last year I did a blog post all about my experience of Christmas in the dark depths of Ricky Road student halls (R.I.P.) . I’m here to tell you what has changed and the truth about a third year Christmas.

The Decorations

In student halls you will find only the most enthusiastic Christmas fanatics will have an ACTUAL Christmas tree with ACTUAL decorations. As you walk around your student halls you are more likely to spot more creatively inspired pieces….

Perhaps a traffic cone adorned with tinsel or maybe a vodka bottle stuffed with fairy lights. It’s not cheap, it’s artistic.


I’m lying. It’s cheap.

Third year means pretending to be a real adult with a life that is together. So, yes, you are making a house trip to Sainsburys to pick up a 6ft tree and tasteful colour coordinated decorations. You may not have plans for after graduation or have anything of substance for your dissertation… but you DO have a Christmas tree your mother would be proud of. How wholesome.

Christmas Party

First year + Christmas = an excuse to have a big party with friends for life you’ll have completely forgotten by third year.

Instead of the standard predrinks you hold three times a week, you now have some Wilkos fairly lights strung up in the living room which makes you the proud host of a Christmas Party. Repeat from mid-November until mid-December and you’ll be thoroughly sick of hearing those first few notes of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ accompanied with the screams of ‘THIS IS MY FAVOURITE ONE!’ in no time.

Sadly, as a third year the closest you’ll get to a festive glow is the faint flickering of the lights in Marj as you enter the early hours of the morning with little to no sleep and approximately a hundred deadlines coming up. On the plus side, all the first and second years are out enjoying Newcastle at Christmas, freeing up a lot of prime library spots previously hogged by keen freshers. Merry Christmas.

Is that a 2:1 I see twinkling under the Christmas glow?

Is that a 2:1 I see twinkling under the Christmas glow?

Fenwicks Window

Fenwicks Christmas Window 2015

Just a shop window

As a first year brand new to the wonderful city of Newcastle you are probably extremely excited to see the grand unveiling of Fenwicks window. You probably queue to see the window. You’ve probably got an Instagram post with the hashtag #FeelingFestive. And you are.

As a third year you battle through the awestruck Christmas crowd to get from Starbucks to the library. Lovely as it is, the excitement of Fenwicks window is not long lasting. Let’s be real, it’s a shop window and it’s virtually the same every year.

Despite the woes of third year, Christmas in Newcastle is still the best part of the year. You might spend a lot more time working over the festive season, but that just makes a few days off at Christmas seem even better.

So even if you’re not getting your festive kicks from gallons of mulled wine and a multitude of Christmas parties, you can still enjoy the bright lights of the city and gallons of Christmas coffee instead.

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