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A student guide to the perfect roast dinner

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Put down those pot noodles and cancel that take away pizza because here is a quick and easy guide to making a winter warming roast for the entire flat.

Straight away you are probably thinking, how can I possibly afford to cook a great big roast dinner on my student budget? Think again, get down to Grainger Market in the centre of Newcastle and grab some of the best value-for-money meat and vegetables in town. Persuade your flatmates you are the next Jamie or Nigella and they’ll soon hand over a couple of quid each to fund your trip.

The choice of meat is up to you, the butcher at the market will fix you up with the correct weight. Remember that too much is always better than not enough, any leftovers can be turned into quick sandwiches for lunch breaks between lectures. A quick seasoning, stick it in a pre-heated oven and sit back and watch it cook. The aroma from the slowly roasting meat will attract your flatmates to the kitchen, so be sure to have some crisps or such snacks at the ready to keep them quiet.

In the meantime you can be peeling and chopping the potatoes and the vegetables. If you have a sweet tooth you might want to think about making honey roasted carrots or parsnips. And if it’s a roast beef you opt for then don’t forget the good old Yorkshire puddings, always a winner and if bought pre-made just need a few minutes to heat up in the oven.

All that’s left now to top it all off is some heart warming gravy, if like me you live with a couple of ‘northerners’, then make sure you make enough, because it goes down like water!

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