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Student Room August Roundup

It’s been a busy month on our The Student Room board, with A-level results, GSCE results, clearing and accommodation offers coming out in August.

Here are some of the most common queries we’ve received over the past four weeks.




Moving to halls in your first year can be daunting and naturally many of you are concerned about what accommodation you will be offered.

Unfortunately, not everyone will receive their first choice preference. While student preference is important when allocating rooms, the allocation team also has to ensure a good mix of gender, subject and nationality – to create a balanced community across all accommodation.

Here’s how it works. The order of allocating rooms is split into groups and is processed in the following order:

  • Guaranteed students – between June and end of August;
  • Late applications (those that apply after 30th June)– approximately Tuesday 1 September;
  • Insurance candidates – approximately Wednesday 2 September;
  • Clearing candidates – approximately Thursday 3 September;
  • Local students (who did not choose Newcastle as a firm choice) – as soon after 3 September as rooms are available

To help make it fairer, we don’t have a “first come first served” application process. Instead, within each allocation group, applications are assigned a randomly generated allocation number.

The room allocation is then based on stated preferences and the ascending order of your ‘allocation number’. A more in depth explanation of how rooms are allocated can be found on our website.

Students coming through clearing will have a more limited selection than others, as the availability of rooms will be limited to those who do not fall within our guarantee. However the allocation team do try their best to fit rooms to your individual preferences and if they are unable to offer a University room, will provide advice and support for students to find accommodation in the private sector.

Hi there, Are only people of the same gender allowed to swap rooms with each other? Or can boys swap with girls? Thanks

If you didn’t get the accommodation you wanted our team has set up a Facebook page so you can swap with others. If you have already found a student to swap with, how to arrange a swap can be found on our website.

If you are unable to find a swap, don’t worry! Students can also apply for a room transfer in October.

Please note that swaps can only be made with another student of the same gender. We aim for a 50/50 balance of boys and girls in our mixed accommodations and therefore swaps need to be of the same gender.


Hi! Where can i have late dinners in Newcastle University since I found that most food outlets within University zone be closed before 6pm usually?

On campus we have a range of options for getting food including restaurant, snack stop, cafes, and more. Although the majority of outlets stop serving at 5pm, here are the opening time’s for Subway and Domino’s at the Students’ Union:

subway and dominos open times

But they’re not your only options. Newcastle is packed with places to eat and as we’re a city based campus, you’re never far from something tasty to try.

Check out our website to see what you can expect or get a full directory of places on the Visit NewcastleGateshead site.

If you need more convincing check out this BuzzFeed of 23 Things You Need To Eat In Newcastle Right Now! We promise you won’t go hungry!


Hi, From when do we start getting pre-registration information? Hello, Ive just completed my pre-registation and it says i need to pring the document in order to collect my Smartcard when i go to collect the Smartcard do i Need to bring a passport sized photo to go with it?

Don’t worry if you haven’t received your pre-registration email yet. You should receive an email in the next few days.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve completed the pre-registration steps detailed in the email and bring a printed copy of your documents before you arrive on campus.

You won’t need to bring a passport photo with you when you get your smart card as a photo will be taken then and there. You have been warned!



Newcastle is a very student-friendly city, with safe and accessible public transport and a strong focus on maintaining a safe and vibrant city Centre.

We take the safety of our students very seriously. To ensure you enjoy a safe and supportive environment on campus, we have cross-campus CCTV, a safety minibus to take students home on weekday evenings, 24-hour porters at halls of residence and security staff on duty across campus at all times.

More information about student safety can be found on our website.



Access and Opportunity scholarships are now being accessed and will be awarded towards the end of November. Those eligible will be notified at the start of November.

If you’re interested in what scholarships and funding is available for undergrads at Newcastle Uni, have a look at our quick guide.

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