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The Student Room June Roundup

Here’s the monthly roundup of some of the most popular questions we get asked in The Student Room. As Results Day creeps ever closer we are receiving a variety of different questions.

Accommodation for Erasmus Students

Hello. I have already been accepted for an Erasmus exchange, and I've been told that I can apply now for accomodation. My question is the following: Does it matter that I do it as soon as possible? Or am I going to have the same chances for having my first preference as accomodation regardless if I apply now or at the end of June? I mean, is it the case that those that apply sooner have better chances or how does it work? Thank you very much!

If you’re here for the full academic year and meet the other criteria for New Student Guarantee, we recommend you to apply as soon as possible. However if you’re not covered by the New Student Guarantee (i.e. only here for part of the academic year (a part-year student), we won’t process your application until early September, so there is no rush.

However, applying early just means that it takes off one thing of your to do list!

In terms of room allocation, we will make every effort to offer you a place in your preferred accommodation, but we cannot guarantee this.


Hi, I have an offer to start as an undergraduate this September , how much is the monthly cost of joining the university gym? Thanks

There are different levels of gym membership, which offer different facilities and benefits, you can see the latest fees and offers on the Sports Centre website.


I enjoy art and was wondering if there was a space for students, who aren't studying art, to do art, experiment with materials and get inspo etc??

We have an Art society which was set up to let students do just that! You can attend workshops from professionals where you can learn and develop your skills and there are even informal events such a socials which will give you the opportunity to meet others.


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