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Student Room June Roundup

Here’s a round up of the most frequently asked questions in our Student Room forums in June


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Accommodation for UF (Unconditional Firm) students should be processed over the next couple of weeks. CF (Conditional Firm) students usually hear just after Results Day. Depending on the accommodation you have been allocated, one of the following will happen. For University-managed accommodation you will receive an email asking you to log in to our website to view and accept the offer. For Managed Partnership accommodation you will be sent an email either directing you to the company’s online system so you can register and accept the offer, or you will need to complete particular documents and return to them directly.

Remember that if you don’t like you accommodation you can always try to do a room swap with another student through the University accommodation service.

Course spaces

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The School of Modern Languages has a target of 150 places across all of their degrees, but they don’t have a set number of spaces per course. This year they’ve had 1,029 applications. All applicants who narrowly miss the conditions of their offer are reconsidered again together when the results are published in August. Whether we are able to accept near miss students depends on the number of applicants who have met the conditions of their offers and the number of places we have available on our programmes; however preference is given to those who have committed to us as their firm choice.


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You can join as many societies and sports clubs as you like!

Peer Mentoring is done on a School-by-School basis, so it will depend on what course you’re studying, but usually they’re advertised to 2nd year students directly. There are also Student Ambassador roles; they do things like help with International Welcome Week and Open Days. You can apply to be a Student Ambassador in 1st year, but recruiting is usually right at the start of the year so you need to be on the ball!


Near misses

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Your application would still be reconsidered with other “near misses” once all the results are out in August. It would be looked at individually and the selector will decide to keep or withdraw your offer based on your grades, personal statement, references etc. Preference goes to students who put Newcastle as their firm choice. To be more prepared for results day, you can head to our Clearing site, which has lots of information, and sign up for our clearing alerts.

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