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The Student Room May Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the most popular questions asked on our Student Room forum this month. Accommodation is proving to be a hot topic right now…


I have an offer to study politics and sociology, I'm looking for an accommodation with good social life, self-catered, with a suit whilst also being close to the main campus which one do you suggest?

The School office is based on Claremont Tower but you might have lectures all over campus. The accommodation buildings closest to main campus are Kensington/Park Terrace, Marris House & Windsor Terrace.

The best thing to do is to look at those options and decide which aspect you prefer the most eg. en-suite vs shared bathroom. You can also take a look at this blog about things near your accommodation, that might help you decide.

Hi, I've got an offer to study Computer Science. I'm looking for accommodation that's self-catered, with an en-suite and a good social aspect. Which accommodation would you suggest? Thanks

We have a range of accommodations that you can view online. Here you can do virtual tours, watch 360 accommodation videos and read our student bloggers thoughts on accommodation.

For self-catered & en-suite options, as well as having a good social aspect, I’d take a look at Castle Leazes. You can also see what our blogger has said about living there.

The View, Verde and Liberty Plaza are all located near to each other in a very social area of the city. They are also self-catered and have en-suite rooms. All of these accommodation sites have common rooms that make it easier for you to meet other students. Verde even has a cinema room and a gym.

City Life

Just wondering how Newcastle is during the summer? As there are many students does it get very empty during the summer months or do many people stay to work/party/relax over that time? Also, what are some popular student hangouts in the early evenings that aren't clubs?

Newcastle is still busy over the summer. The majority of  students go home in the holidays (especially in first year) but there are lots who either stay to work or who live locally. And there are lots of Northumbria University students around as well. You’ll find some of the popular club nights will empty out a bit, but there’s still loads to do.

There are loads of bars and other places to hang out. In first year people tend to meet up at a place near their halls, the city centre, or the Students’ Union. After that you’ll find places near to where you live – Jesmond is a popular student area and Osborne Road is full of bars and cafes. Or there’s Heaton, which is a bit cheaper and more ‘arty,’ where you’ll find places on and around Chillingham Road.

For alcohol-free meetups, you can’t really go wrong with Quilliams, which is a stone’s throw from the main campus.

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