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Student Room November Roundup

As deadline day approaches more of you are asking about applications and course offers on The Student Room.

Here’s our round up of your questions and our responses from our Student Room forum in November.

Offers for Accounting and Finance

Hi, Do you know if any offers have been given out for Accounting and Finance yet? I sent my application off on Friday, so thought I'd check. Thanks

Offers for the Accounting and Finance BA Hons course have started going out. However it’ll take a couple of weeks for applications to be processed, so there is no need to worry if you haven’t received a decision yet. If more information is required for your application then the Admissions Officer will contact you directly.

Offers for Oral and Dental Health Sciences

Have offers started going out for dental hygiene and therapy?

In order to give equal consideration to all applicants, we do not send out any invitations to interview until after UCAS closes on 15th January. Interviews are normally held in mid-February, and offers are usually made in March/April.

PARTNERS Applications
Hi, I've applied for Newcastle but I've also applied through PARTNERS. I was wondering whether this would make any difference as to the length of time taken to receive an offer? Thanks

Yes, it can as applications have to be assessed by the PARTNERS team for eligibility before it is passed to the academic selector for the course. You will receive an email once a decision has been made- you can also contact if you have any questions.

School Buildings

Hi, Im looking to study urban planning at newcastle next year and have heard there is a new urban sciences building being made for the start of the 2017 year. Was just wondering if the Urban planning department will move here or being staying at claremont tower?

The new Science Central complex will house the School of Computing Science and be the base for several research groups. The Urban Sciences Building will be mainly for postgrad research. The Urban Planning BA is part of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape based on the main campus.

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