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How students survive the winter

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In the world of the student, winter is long and difficult. A struggle begins between a dwindling bank balance after Christmas shopping/ boxing day sales, and the desperate need for a warm radiator.

There will be arguments and disagreements between housemates, whether it‘s cold enough for central heating yet. For the first few weeks you seem to agree you can make it a few more days without it. Until that magical day, students look to other methods to help keep warm in the face of falling temperatures.

Brew Up

The power of tea is truly appreciated in freezing weather, it really does warm those student bones and make life worth living again. A hot drink doubles up as a hand-warmer.


Students seemingly get every item they own and put it all on. Dressing gowns, hats and thermal socks in bed is not an unusual sight come December. Blankets and hot water bottles are must-have items, expect jealously from those who are braving the winter without them.

Winter Romance

It’s the student version of penguins huddling together. Relationships seem to develop in this season, and that’s because there’s nothing cosier and warmer than a cuddle.  Although not all students are lucky enough to find that special somebody…

Move into the library

The Robinson library, constantly heated and open 24 hours, it’s the perfect place to go for a few hours to get warm (and to get work done, obviously).

And when all else fails…

…They go home. Or the more cunning students out there, will switch the boiler on when nobody else is looking. Sneaky!

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