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Summer exam preparation

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We’re a month away from the end of term, which means that we’re a month away from the summer exam period! It feels like it was only last week that we started the 15/16 academic year, but alas it’s almost over!

Now, if you’re sitting for your first summer exams this year, fear not! Here are a few tips and tricks to get you prepared for the coming exam weeks.

Past experience

The summer examination period is not that different from the one that you sat for in January, but from my experience, I’ve found that the amount of exams I have to sit for in May/June has always been twice or even three times as many. So, it’s obvious that it’s going to be an even more stressful experience.

Create a calendar

Since we’ve already received our exam timetables, it’s a good idea to write down all the dates and times of your exams onto one sheet of paper. I’d recommend building yourself a calendar dating from a couple of weeks before your first exam to the last day of your last paper. The visual representation of all your important days will help you manage your time better as you’ll be able to see how many days you have in between each of your exams. You’ll also be able to easily plan your revision time during that period. Here’s a template of a calendar to help you get started.

No all-nighters

If you’re one of the unlucky one’s with back-to-back papers and you’ve realised you haven’t completed enough revision for the latter paper, DO NOT PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER if you can avoid it. Instead, focus on either the topics you know you’re good at (so that you can fine tune your knowledge) or go for the topics you’re weaker at (only if you’re confident in your knowledge of the topics you already understand). It’s sadly the price you have to pay for not planning your time better.

Hopefully by reading this post, it would have jump-started your motivation to hit the books. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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