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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer holiday. I’m definitely enjoying having time to myself to be able to go to the gym, cook, and go walking. I spent last week walking round the South West Coastal path my dad. We did about 50 miles over the course of about 3 days, and it’s safe to say my feet are now in bits!

Seeing all of the Newcastle graduation pictures from this year made me realise that will be me next year (how?!). It’s starting to dawn on me that I have no idea what I want to do when I finish uni, but I suppose, who does?

I’ve been doing a few various jobs and placements here and there in an attempt to earn money and learn a bit more about what interests me. This weekend I’m heading down to London to work on a James Bond themed event near Westminster. I have no idea what this event requires me to do, but I think it’s to do with team-building and how companies can be more efficient. I assume the James Bond theme is just to add a twist to make it a bit different and get people involved, although I am admittedly a die-hard fan.

I’ve found that one great thing about a politics degree is that it really doesn’t force you down a particular career path. I actually think that it instead exposes you to so many different interests and opportunities that you might not know exist.

I think if you are stuck for finding placements that relate to politics or another social science subject, then I still definitely recommend volunteering (as mentioned in my previous post). Even if it’s unpaid, you can gain valuable experience, and I can’t express how worthwhile it can be.

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