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Surviving Your First Semester Like A Pro

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The end of the first semester is near. Whether you’re disappointed or relieved to be approaching the winter holidays, looking back on the first few months can be… interesting. University is a whole new world and surviving isn’t always that easy. Hopefully these tips can help…

Accept that fresher friends may not last

Freshers’ Week is celebrated as the time you meet loads of new best friends and have a wild, fun week you’ll never forget! But… it’s not always that easy. I met plenty of people in Freshers that I didn’t end up quite seeing eye to eye with.

Don’t be put off if you haven’t made as many friends as you expected just yet. You will find your people, you might just be looking in the wrong places. I had a rather lonely first semester because I struggled to find my kind of people. Joining clubs and societies is the best way to meet friends who will stick – society friends made the rest of my year a lot better!

Remember it’s okay to miss home

Most students leave home behind when they come to university, and that is a huge change. It’s normal to experience homesickness or loneliness, or just miss your mum’s cooking when you’re eating pasta every day. I called my mum nearly every day in the first few weeks because I really missed home – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Managing homesickness is important to keep your spirits up. Make time away from studying or partying to schedule calls or video calls with your family and friends from home. If you can visit, go home for the weekend! You’ll feel much better, and probably benefit from some amazing home-cooked meals and quality time too.

And… Adulting is hard

Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and generally surviving independently can get difficult. Who wants to clean when they can watch Netflix in bed, or go out with friends? It’s easy for things to pile up (quite literally, if you’re someone who throws their clothes on the floor!).

The best way to manage the boring tasks is to do them quickly and get them over with. Don’t leave all the washing up until the end of the week, because you WILL regret it. You’ll feel better when it’s done, and you will have definitely earned a reward. Maybe rewarding yourself with chocolate isn’t the most adult thing to do, but at least you’re trying!

First semester is an exciting, and sometimes scary time. But hey – you’ve survived! Now to tackle second semester…


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